Rethink the way you learn with Learning 3.0

Back in November 2014, I headed across to São Paulo to take part in what seemed like a pretty random event; the first Learning Camp. I’d been invited along by my friend Alexandre Magno, who I’d met some months before on Skype as Alex was interested in improving his English in a creative way. So, when he started rambling on about Learning 3.0, I was intrigued to see what Learning Camp had in store.

As an educator and someone who was pretty frustrated with the whole process of learning, I was more than ready to totally free myself from the shackles of what traditional teaching techniques have become. I was a fairly dreadful student. I found that the way in which I was taught didn’t bring the best out in me. After attending the learning camp, what dawned on me was that teaching is not the point, learning is!

After arriving back in the UK, my head was spinning. I felt as though I needed to entirely rethink my role as a teacher. Put better, it was time to become a learning facilitator. Here is the blog I wrote immediately after my time in Brazil.

One of the most difficult things to grasp is that Learning 3.0 is very hard to explain in words. In fact, it’s something that you have to feel. Over the weekend, through various lectures and activities, ranging from Lego serious play to imagining learning shots using dedicated tools, the essence of Learning 3.0 began to take shape.

You see, it’s all about emergent learning. If you don’t quite get me, here is a little post I wrote about what it was like to be a Learning camp student.

Fast forward up to the present day, those principles I discovered at the camp are being rolled out across Europe, starting in a beautiful corner of the U.K. in Clumber Park. Here, Alexandre and I will lead the first Learning Camp outside Brazil.

What to expect:

If you haven’t read Alexandre’s book, then in some ways, you have the chance to join the camp with fresh eyes. The point is that everything that happens is grown out of emergent learning in a non-hierarchical environment. If you have read it, then this is your opportunity to see those principles in practice and apply them to your own, unique learning style.

If you are someone who wants to rethink the way you learn, then this is for you. If you want to help others to learn in a more harmonious way, then this is all you need. If you want to run your own events, around a theme that encourages new ideas, innovation and collaborative thinking, then learning camp is essential.

The 2-day event has 3 main functions:

  1. Find out the core principles of Learning 3.0 and rethink what learning means to you and your team.
  2. Expand your network by meeting like-minded individuals from a whole host of backgrounds and industries. Coupled with our team-focused learning tools, you will be able to feel what it means to think according to our principles.
  3. By firstly improving your facilitation skills at camp, you will be all set to organise your own learning events: learning shots.

These shots can be on any theme that you feel creates engagement and interest within your industry or community at large. With our network and support, you can adopt your newly acquired skills to run awesome learning events. For more about signing up to the camp, please take a look here.

As you’re part of the Agile community, we know that you love to find groundbreaking ways to approach everything so why not join us next month. Book your ticket today & get £100 off using the discount code: AGILEFELLOW.

See you there!


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