Learning Epic

As an Agile or Lean practitioner
I want to make sure I am learning the right things
And be able to learn quickly
So that I contribute more effectively to delivering value
And gain credibility in my work place.

The first Epic on the Adventures with Agile backlog is about making learning as easy as possible.

Learning is focused on Scaling Agile, Lean Flow, Organisational Change and the associated tools to make a transformation as painless as possible.

To satisfy the acceptance criteria, we do this in a number of ways. These are listed above and detailed below.

Attend Events

In 2016, we have launched 3 streams of free meetup events and 3 big seasonal events.

The three streams are:

  • International Speakers
  • Local Speakers
  • Experiential Game learning.


Events help bind a community together and are at the heart of networking, learning, sharing and being part of something bigger than just what is going on in your company right now.

In the path of seeing the bigger picture, these events are an essential step on your journey

Attending free events is often the first step in engaging with Adventures with Agile. Our events are all of a very high standard.

You can view and provide feedback, and we have guidelines on training we issue to presenters.

You can find a list of the next events here.

Take Training

AWA primarily focuses on early adopter and new ideas

Attending training events is the fastest way to learn about key concepts, frameworks, and new ideas. It is also the main way to become qualified.

Training events take different formats depending on whether the ideas appeal to early adopters, or early / late mass adoption.

AWA primarily focuses on early adopter and new ideas, but partners with others to provide commoditised training such as the Certified Scrum Master course.

The AWA Curriculum

Based on Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd’s work at ICAgile, we have created a curriculum which covers the entire range of skills needed to become an Organisational Change Coach.

The AWA Curriculum

Courses are chosen to be practical and relevant to making Agile and organisational change easier, overcoming real problems in teams, programmes, portfolio and organisations.

By attending events and training courses, you will build your own tool-kit to apply to the contextual issues you face in your day to day.


Some courses are certified externally and our courses allow you to earn Scrum Alliance SEU points.

You can find a list of training courses here.

AWA Support Network

We recognise that organisational change is highly contextual. Every organisation and challenge is unique, requiring different trade-offs and decisions.

In response to this challenge, we have created the AWA Support Network.

Independent of consultancy, client, tool, framework, and anything else, the support network can offer contextual help to other members of the network for free. Every member is picked based on their contribution (or promised contribution) to the rest of the network.

This gives a safe and confidential place to ask contextual questions and receive answers, and to share your expertise.

If you are interested in joining the network, please email community@adventureswithagile.com for more details.

Learn Online

Coming soon! A specialised community built for organisational change and Agile discussions.

Learning online is often the first and easiest step to finding information and learning about a subject. To help find valuable links we have an ever growing set of useful links to third party resources.

We have a LinkedIn group to ask questions about organisational change.

You can share a useful link or recommend a book to be added to the resource list by emailing community@adventureswithagile.com