AI & Org-Design Craig Larman

AI & Org Design with Craig Larman

We were delighted to host an evening with LeSS co-founder and Craig Larman, one of the top 20 agile influencers of all time. The title of this Meetup was: AI & Org Design 

It was an absolute honour and privilege to be able to host Craig in London again. Especially since he was one of the very first people and courses we ever organised back in 2015 (see previous talks here)! We were kindly hosted by Sainsbury’s, which is an awesome event space in central London. This Meetup has already happened, but you can watch Craig’s brilliant talk below…

What did Craig share?

In this video, Craig Larman (co-creator of LeSS and previous AI developer), explores AI and what it means for the future of work, traditional roles and organisational design. His talk includes:

  • A demonstration of AI tools (ChatGPT & Google’s Bard)
  • Traditional roles that will be disrupted by tasks that AI can perform
  • Social impacts of AI (fusion energy & climate change)
  • Organisational design and AI (routine expertise by task-specific AIs)
  • What can humans do that AIs can’t?
  • The truth about how much faster AIs can work, compared to humans
  • Craig predicts that future job skill will be in multi-learning, over single-doing
  • Structured Q&A

Finally, AI tools are going to disrupt many existing knowledge-worker roles, including those in product development. This talk and follow-up Q&A explored probable impacts AI will have on the organisational design of development organisations.

In addition to speaking at this event, Craig taught the Certified LeSS Practitioner course in London. Find out more here.


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