LeSS Overview & Q&A – the 1st dedicated meetup in NYC

Greetings Everyone!

The first NYC-based meetup, fully dedicated to Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), is finally here. This is a FREE event! Sign up here.

Let’s meet on March 15 (Tuesday) to discuss:

  • LeSS framework, its values and principles
  • Differences between Less and LeSS Huge
  • Roles, Responsibilities, Ceremonies and Artifacts in LeSS
  • What makes LeSS so different from ALL other agile frameworks
  • Difference between Local Optimization & System Optimization
  • Organizational/Systemic impact of LeSS adoption
  • and more…

If you have not been exposed or practiced LeSS, it would be great to review LeSS highlights here.

And here is the BONUS!

We will meet at the facility, where I will be using (at least, I will try) a revolutionary collaboration system: The Nureva™ Span™ ideation system.

This system can replace sticky-notes, a whiteboard and dry erasers with an interactive canvas and cloud-based software. I have seen this equipment in action and was stunned by its performance, so I have decided to give it a try.

A video is 1000 words, so if you want see a short demo, please do so:

Seating is limited so please sign up now.

I hope to see you there.


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