Louria Lindauer

Louria Lindauer

For the past 25 years, Louria Lindauer has empowered and co-created “People First Environments”, where talents are celebrated and voices matter.  As an international Executive Agile & Leadership Coach she utilises her mastery of coaching, emotional intelligence, facilitation, teaching and mentoring to breathe life into ‘just surviving’ organisations to thriving. She is known to say, “It’s not if you will fall down, but when you do fall down; then How YOU Recover?!”  Therefore, we love who we are, what we do and do what we love!

Louria has lived every role in an agile organisation. From software engineer to organisational agility enterprise coaching and strategy. She has worked with hundreds of organisations and Agilists. During which they have elevated not only their skill set, but are now the leaders that others want to be. They foster collaboration, sustainable change and growth.

Louria is a Professional, Team, and Enterprise Certified Agile Coach (Co-active, ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, ICE-AC), as well as an ICAgile Authorised Trainer for the AWA Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator training courses.

Louria teaches the following courses in United States and online:

Agile Team Coach
Agile Team Facilitator
Advanced Agile Team Coach Cohort Program