Mini #Play14

“#play14 is an international gathering for people who share the idea that playing is a great way to teach, learn and understand! ” And we’re excited to host a Mini #Play14 unconference next week in London ahead of their main event later this year! 

When coaching it can often be challenging to craft an approach for a team that will be engaging, fun and that will successfully instil the learning we hope to provide. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve this is through gaming and experiential learning.

Games and metaphors are an excellent way to simulate challenges and scenarios we face everyday at work in a safe, controlled and meaningful way. What better way to learn than actually gaining an experience by playing with some lego, jenga or throwing some balls around. As Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

#play14 is a community of people who are passionate about using games professionally. We all come from different backgrounds, from Agile to the Arts but we all have one thing in common – a love of games as a means to educate, enlighten and coach. An event like #play14 allows us to meet several times a year in cities across the world to share games, knowledge and network and the best part is that we take all these learnings back home and re-use within our own teams.

So, we’d like to give you a taste of what play14 is all about buy holding a mini play14 unconference! We’ll share SIX games to play, of which you will get to experience and learn TWO.

The games will be:

  • Once upon a time with lego – A great game to learn all about scrum and the benefits of iterative software development and continuous improvement.
  • Post cards – A game all about user stories and how to avoid writing failure into your projects
  • The ballpoint game – The classic game of continuous improvement
  • Consonants and vowels – Agile development teams are cross-functionally diverse and sufficient. They are also often composed of specialists and this game explores that impact.
  • The marshmallow challenge – Another classic that explores why it is important to test and iterate
  • Story cubes – Story cubes are a great creative tool to get people collaborating and thinking on their feet.

Agenda for the evening:

Date: 2nd August

18:00 – Arrival
18:30 – Mini play14
20:15 – Food
20:45 – Departure

Please only register for this event if you are free to attend. Please read our attendance policy for more information. Registration for this event closes at 6pm on 1st August.

Register your place here ->

About the game’s facilitators

Chris Caswell 

A proactive, principle centred evangelist of the Agile philosophy, Chris is passionate about driving continuous improvement and collaboration to improve Agile ways of working.  Chris uses a combination of personal coaching, workshops, training and games to help solve problems across organisations, within teams and with individuals.

Christina OhaniannL3uMXbJ.jpg

As an avid agile evangelist, Christina is passionate about helping build and support self organising teams and individuals from the ground up. She loves learning about people, their passions and what motivates them. She is also a Graphics Illustrator and loves bringing this into the workspace.

Natasha Hillavatar.PNG

Natasha is a Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Lean Practitioner, who is passionate about using games in her work to inspire teams and to nurture collaboration, creativity and trust.

Mark Webb

Mark is an Agile Coach, Software Engineer, Professional Coach and avid gamer. He’s been in the Agile world since the early days of DSDM and remains a passionate enthusiast and evangelist.

Scrum Alliance Endorsed Group:

This event will earn 2 Scrum Alliance SEUs. (2 hours).

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