My Talk At This Year’s Agile 2018

At this year’s Agile2018 I shared a 5-minute lightning talk called ‘Deploying Agile is Ultimately Self-Defeating’ which we filmed and shared on our YouTube Channel.

In my talk I share:

  • a new model
  • why agile frameworks often don’t deliver what you had hoped for
  • why leadership doesn’t get involved
  • and why, when leaders do get involved, there is so much resistance
  • and most important of all, I provide a solution

Curious to learn more? We are just about to launch a series of meetup events in London to teach large scale facilitation including how to combine Action Research, which I mentioned in my talk. The first one will be in September.  We will announce dates and agenda soon. To hear first about these new events please join our community mailing list or our meetup page.

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