Neurochemical cocktails for facilitators – a visual guide

Are you in charge of planning and facilitating large group meetings? Have you ever considered how a better understanding of neuroscience can help you design meetings with specific goals in mind? Would you find it helpful to have a visual guide that shows which actions lead to which behaviours and why?

Neuroscience is fast becoming a hot topic in the agile world. It’s a very exciting and potentially extremely powerful discipline, if harnessed and understood correctly. As Agile coaches, we are change agents and we help people on their journey of learning, growing and changing their behaviours. Often, when we are designing and facilitating large group sessions and meetings, we need to consider what outcome we are after and how the different dynamics come into play!

Understanding what is going on neurologically for the people we work with allows us to take our skills to a whole new level. Amy Brann goes into great depth on this huge topic. For more information, check out her excellent book series, “Neuroscience for Coaches.”

We recently took a deep dive into large group facilitation as well as neuroscience on the Innovation and Leadership Mastery (IALM) programme, exploring topics such as what happens when a person is being coached and how to create the best coaching environment for clients.

Gemma Honour, an IALM member, then went on to visualise how to create the right environments for collaboration, creating this fantastic infographic below.  The Neurochemical Cocktails for Facilitators is a guide for facilitators and workshop designers to create the right neurochemistry for their intended results. It’s based on an understanding of what neurochemical changes are observed in different emotional states and how we might play with our facilitation tool kit to get these!

Neurochemical cocktails for facilitators - a visual guide

Bookmark this page or save this image so that when you are designing your next workshop, you can use this handy guide to inform what activities to use to get your intended results.

What is the Innovation and Leadership Mastery Programme?

IALM is a community of change agents, leaders and coaches exploring cutting edge topics in the organisational change space. Together we collaborate on and develop innovative new ideas and models, test those ideas and share them back with the wider community and with our organisation. This program has stopped running, for more information please contact us.

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