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100 Thought Leaders is a ground-breaking, members-only learning platform for leaders and pioneers to change the world of work. Join at anytime and become a member for 12 months.

Created and led by AWA CEO and influential thought leader, Simon Powers, this one-of-a-kind program draws on his 20 years of experience in thought-leadership, staying on the cutting edge and leading organisational change. If you want to develop your leadership, become the next inspirational conference speaker, or want to make a positive difference in the world, this program is for you.

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Why you need to be here

This program is for the next generation of leaders who want to both make their mark and a difference in their organisation and in the world.

Perhaps you are leader in an organisation embarking on a change program and need to know how to stand for what you believe in, know how to communicate effectively with others and build your tribe so that change flows and sticks. 

Maybe you are forging your own path and would benefit from being part of a community of like-minded peers to provide a safe space for feedback and support as you experiment with new ideas.

Or you’re planning your next move, but something is preventing you from taking the right next step.

Whatever your goal, our program has something for you, thanks to our unique approach that will enable you to continually grow, learn and renew.

We’ll show you how to stay on the leading edge, how to carve out your own niche, and how to make an impact in your organisation and on the world stage.

  • Understand how to stay on the cutting edge, remain relevant, and make the next big breakthroughs that challenge the status quo
  • Make a difference in your organisation by leading change with confidence
  • Be known for your change-making and impact creation and receive the recognition you deserve
  • Know how to continually learn something new and get better at it
  • Up your game, raise your profile, share your expertise and elevate your business
  • Develop your own models or methodology and be ‘known’ for it

This your chance to elevate yourself, push the boundaries of what is possible,
and maximise your potential.

How does it work?

Designed with an agile and growth mindset the program’s flexible agenda evolves as the world changes around us. Our goal is to build thought-leadership skills that will help you leverage the latest opportunities in the world of work and incorporate a range of new ideas, models and themes into your own content, enabling you to make a positive difference in your work and the wider world in which you live.

  • Live workshops run first Monday – Thursday of the month with the exception of January 2022 and September 2022
  • Live workshops run from 13:00 – 17:00 (UK time)
  • Attendance to live workshops is optional, recordings of each session can be watched on demand in the members only online portal

As a member you can:

  • Join at anytime thanks to our unique rolling format
  • Attend as many live-streamed sessions as you can during the year
  • Access all previously recorded live-streamed sessions
  • Access additional supporting content and references to worthwhile third-party material

Deep dive workshops

Exploring the following themes, we use deep-dive workshops, fishbowls, clinics, and open debate to build the essential thought-leadership skills.

People and Problems – Identify which people with which problems you are going to help.
Thought Leadership – What is it? What type of leader will you be? What relationships will you need?
Innovation – Master the art of creating new ideas, combine models, spot patterns and present ideas
Curiosity – How to change the way you see the world using different lenses
Building a network – Build relationships, developing yourself and building community
Marketing – Grow your marketing capability and promote your ideas successfully
Speaking – Develop your public speaking confidence and create a presentation worthy of the conference circuit
Advanced basics – Examine the agile onion and the underlying mindset beliefs
Agile and World Dynamics – How effective can we be at changing our world?
Ethics – How can we leverage ethics patterns to have better relationships, leadership and reduced risk?
Patterns for organisational change – Examine the patterns created by other thought leaders
Large Scale Facilitation – Immerse yourself in various facilitation techniques like liberating structures

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9 more reasons to get involved

Join today and accelerate your journey to become the next thought leader who will make a significant change to our world.

  • Access 192 hours of workshops, discussion, support and growth with Simon Powers per year
  • At least 24 hours of peer-to-peer meeting per year
  • Access a wealth of additional content and resources as well as videos of all previous workshops
  • Private Slack Community to network
  • Public speaking and sharing opportunities via AWA meetup channel
  • Create your own branded presentation of your ideas
  • Lifelong tools and techniques to support your continuous growth and impact
  • Invaluable lifelong support network of professionals who share your values and dreams
  • Reduced price for AWA’s residential coach retreat

Join me, Simon Powers, CEO and Founder of AWA, and 100 other thought leaders in this program of discovery, learning and self-actualization. It’s a fantastic networking opportunity, as well as a place to stand out from the crowd and truly make a difference.

“It’s been less than a week since I joined and already I’m having some big shifts in my understanding of what I might offer as an Agile Coach and Entrepreneur. It’s magnificent stuff!

Gemma Honour – Agile Coach and Visual Facilitator,100 Thought Leaders Member

Save 33%: £1999 +vat

When you join before 16th January '22

join at anytime for 12 months

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