Peter Merrick

Peter is a Berlin based agile consultant who specializes in Product Ownership. His special interests are backlog management, Product Ownership as a team, and lightweight modeling in Sprint 0.

Peter’s first degree is Computer Science, and his PhD is in Software Engineering, where he proposed a lightweight requirements pattern based language for early life cycle requirements representation.

Canadian by birth, Peter spent most of his professional life in the U.K. and worked for government, private and corporate customers. His interest in agile is demonstrated by his extensive writing on the subject, where he takes a storyteller’s approach to write in an engaging and entertaining way.

His philosophy can be summarized as ‘Scrum is an engine. Product Ownership creates the fuel the engine runs on.’ From this you can see that he believes a successful project has a happy team, busy developing from useful and timely stories, that are well thought out, and delivered consistently.

Peter likes to have fun, he dances tango in his spare time.

Find out more about Peter, from his LinkedIn profile here.