Learn, bonding & improving communication with #Play14

#Play14 started in Luxembourg in 2014 to provide a forum for people who enjoying playing, learning and sharing. The movement has spread across Europe, with off-shoots in London, Hamburg, Beirut and Milano. Last year, one of our Agile Coaches, Lloyd Jones, attended #Play14 and created his high-paced and fun game Ball Runner, which he shared a couple of months back at an AWA meetup.

So, ahead of the annual #Play14 unconference, we hosted a #Play14 mini meetup at RBS in London with Chris, Christina, Mark and Natasha.

Following an interesting and livening warm up, the team introduced us to the #Play14 ethos and shared the format of 6 games, 2 of which we could choose to play over the course of the next hour.

The whole format of the evening was superbly organised onto the #play14 board so you could pick which game you fancied playing.

At 18:40 the games could begin, and individually we chose which game we each wanted to play out of the choice of:



Illustrates the value that’s lost by avoiding face to face communication. Download the game here.

Constants and Vowels

Demonstrates the need for T-shape skills and specialization. Download it here

Once Upon A Time In Lego Land

A game created by Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard to introduce important values and principles needed for iterative development. Learn more here

We also played, StoryCubes to encourage imagination and language development, the Marshmallow Challenge, which encourages teams to experience simple lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity and also the Ball Point game which is a fun way and to explore the process of flow!

Once the games ended and before we all tucked into some pizza – we had our retrospective to discuss what we all thought worked and our experiences.

Big thanks to all who came and to RBS for hosting us for a fun and inspiring evening!

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