Playcamp London 2016

In his talk at Serious Play 2008, Dr Stuart Brown said, “I think we may have lost something in our culture.” That something is Play. Play brings us joy, makes more creative, more collaborative, better communicators, and is fun. At Playcamp, we take a look at how we can be more playful at work by providing a safe space to explore techniques to help us get into flow.

Playcamp is a global movement of community organised events started by Luke Hohmann and Conteno. The 2016 London edition takes place on Friday 13th May at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, in its Covent Garden venue. Playcamp is a mixture of inspirational keynotes, organised interactive/hands-on sessions, and unconference. Gojko Adzic and Christian Hassa will be presenting a keynote on Impact Mapping with Innovation Games. Jonathan Clark will be talking about Imagineering. We will also be in the fine company of Jürgen De Smet, my LEGO® Serious Play® colleague Sean Blair, and others, celebrating the myriad playful techniques available – Gamestorming, LEGO® Serious Play®, Innovation Games, and so on.

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