Project Type – Agile or Waterfall

All work in IT is based around projects / products. Projects can be large and run for many years or can be small and run for a few days or weeks. Projects are typically run according to some sort of management methodology. The two methodologies prevalent today across all industries are Waterfall and Agile.

Waterfall and Agile are very different ways of structuring the development of software process. This section is all about understanding the project lifecycle. Understanding this section in its entirety is essential to being successful in choosing what projects / products to work on.


Agile is a relatively new project management methodology and is rapidly replacing the waterfall approach. It is the methodology I recommend you spend most time learning and will be the primary focus for this course.


Waterfall is the old school methodology of software development but is still practised by companies throughout the industry. This section will teach you all about waterfall methodology and its shortcomings.

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