Rafa Ribeiro

Rafa Ribeiro realised, after working as a software engineer for almost a decade, that despite his mastery of machines and computers, he lacked the ability to inspire and help others. To address this obstacle, he embarked on a learning journey that took him through the fields of Psychology, Expressive Arts, and Professional Coaching. Today, Rafa works as an Agile and Professional Coach, helping his clients discover and become aware of their goals, reflect on their behaviors, and support their growth. He has extensive experience working with co-located, distributed, and fully remote teams and enjoys helping software teams connect logic reasoning with creative thinking and human-centered design. With over 15 years of experience, Rafa has worked with clients from Telecom (Altice Portugal, NOS, Celfinet), Sports (Adidas), Banking (BPI), Public Contracting (Vortal), Software Consultancies (Indra, Novabase), Non-Profit (MIES), and more.

Rafa is a design thinker, software architect, and Professional, Team, and Enterprise Certified Agile Coach (EneaCoaching, ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, ICE-AC), as well as an ICAgile Authorised Trainer for the AWA Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator training courses. He recently became a certified Surf Instructor, making use of the ocean as a medium to unlock the instinctive, emotional, and cognitive intelligence of his clients.

Rafa teaches the following courses in Lisbon and online:

Agile Team Coach
Agile Team Facilitator
Advanced Agile Team Coach Cohort Program