Running Agile in an UX way – help needed!

I am looking for case studies or short explanations of how UX has been done within sprints and not as staggered sprints. I have written this article on staggering sprints based on my experience with architecture and test. There are plenty of case studies for this, but I have very little experience with UX.

Does anyone have experience of getting UX to work as part of the team in a single sprint, especially when the real end users are hard to reach and have little time?

  • What problems did you overcome to get to this state?
  • What resistance did you have?
  • How often could you speak to end users?
  • Did other people in the team help with UX elements and did UX specialists help with other areas of expertise (as in generalising specialists)?
  • Could the UX specialist get enough done to express their ideas for a story in time?

I am especially interested if the case was in a financial organisation, but it doesn’t really matter.

Any help is much appreciated.

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