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Certified Training

Looking to build organisational agility with a complete learning pathway? You’ve come to the right place! We don’t just teach skills, we empower people to achieve their goals and help organisations succeed. Our agile training courses are highly effective and provide tangible results that will transform the way your teams and organisation work, leading to improved outcomes and success.

Bespoke workshops & private courses

Our custom training programs are tailored to address the needs of your entire organisation, not just individual teams. We work closely with you to identify your specific challenges and develop a training plan that meets your unique requirements. Our comprehensive approach to training enables teams to identify and tackle challenges at both team and organisational levels. This ensures that your teams are equipped to work more effectively, even in remote settings. Plus, our programs provide immediate benefits to your entire team, while also being cost-effective compared to separate public classes.

Agile coaching & consulting

People-first coaching can create meaningful organisational change and achieve personal and professional goals. Our coaching process is designed to be creative, thought-provoking, and tailored to your specific needs. We understand behaviour change is hard and that requires working on multiple levels simultaneously. That’s why we guide you through the entire journey, from defining individual goals to starting and continuing the change process. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to take over and sustain progress on your own, without our help. Contact us to learn more about our coaching and consulting services and how they can benefit your organisation.

Keynotes & conferences

Looking for a dynamic and experienced speaker or facilitator to deliver a talk or keynote at your upcoming conference or internal event? Look no further! Our team of experts are experienced, engaging, and ready to deliver a custom-tailored presentation to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a specific topic in mind or need help exploring ideas, we’ve got you covered. In a hurry? We also have a range of off-the-shelf talks that are ready to go. So, contact us today or check out our page for more information!