Sharing thanks & feedback with Kudos cards

At the Moving Motivators meetup this week – which was kindly facilitated by the Agile Coaches Circle organiser and Management 3.0 facilitator Ryan Behrman, we were introduced to the Management 3.0 Kudos cards. The Kudos cards are intended to provide an easy and quick way to share gratitude with your teammates. And, they’re not limited to peer-to-peer either, but from top-down and across departments and organisations to publicly recognise someone else work and contribution. Providing a useful and meaningful way to break down hierarchical limitations and to encourage everyone to offer instant feedback.

On Wednesday we got to test the Kudos cards in action when Ryan suggested we write out cards to our Moving Motivator teammates to offer feedback and thanks to each other.

The next day, Simon and I were having a chat about how we can share Kudos with the AWA Core team and AWA Support Network (ASN) to congratulate each other when new clients are won, someone gets a new job or contract, passes an exam or some other awesome news that deserves a pat on the pack. Our first step in progressing this idea was to add a #kudos channel into the ASN’s slack.. so that we can reward notable achievements to all our ASN members! Another useful feature that the Management 3.0 team have created is the ability to share the cards virtually so that you can easily share the cards online.

Putting it into practice

Coincidentally we were able to put all of this into practice when Lloyd Jones, a team coach for AWA’s consultancy, passed the SPC4 earlier this week.

For more info about Moving Motivators and to download the Kudos Cards check out the Management 3.0 website.

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