Sharing Epic

As an Agile or Lean Craftsperson
I want to share my experience
So that others have more chance of successful adoption

This Epic on the Adventures with Agile backlog is about sharing what you know to build a better community, build your own credibility, help others, earn some money and continue your own learning through sharing.

We achieve this by completing the acceptance criteria.

Schedule a Presentation or Workshop

If you have something on topic then you can request to run either a presentation at one of the free evening events or a paid for training / workshop.

Usually, we request that if you are running a training course, that you also do a free evening presentation in the evening.

You can request to share using the event application form.

You may also be able to enter your training course into the AWA University.

Share Content or and Online Resource

We all see interesting and useful resources online every day. You can request for URLs or books to be added to the resource lists so that others can find them. Please use the add a resource request form.

Become Part of the Community

You can register for updates, news, special offers, events and opportunities using the quick subscribe box at the bottom of every page on this website.

Coming soon!

A points based system to build credibility for individuals (similar to Stack Overflow), rewards for contributors and encouragement to contribute and sharing.

AWA Support Network

The AWA support network is a new initiative for 2016. We recognise that organisational change is highly contextual. Every organisation and challenge is unique, requiring different trade-offs and decisions.

In response to this challenge, we have created the AWA Support Network.

Independent of consultancy, client, tool, framework, and anything else, the support network can offer contextual help to other members of the network for free. Every member is picked based on their contribution (or promised contribution) to the rest of the network.

This gives a safe and confidential place to ask contextual questions and receive answers, and to share your expertise.

If you are interested in joining the network, please email for more details.

Share knowledge on the Wiki

Coming soon!

There will be a WIKI soon for common terms, ideas, concepts etc.