Simon Powers on Transitioning to Product Teams and Advice for New Managers

Listen to the latest podcast from InfoQ which features AWA Founder, Simon Powers talking to Shane Hastie about helping organisations move from siloed groups to large product teams. During their conversation, which took place at Agile2018, Simon gave advice for new managers and discussed the trends he sees happening in large organisations.


  • The challenges of making businesses more successful through technology
  • Today the challenges are less technological and more cultural
  • The team is everyone who works on the product or service, working collaboratively to meet customer needs – this could be hundreds of people and they all need to have consistent goals
  • We are looking to create a structure that enables truly self-organising teams at scale
  • The role of middle-tier leaders is to truly adopt a servant leadership mindset and help work out what the team can do to solve their own problems, rather than solving the problems for the team

Listen now here.

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