Supporting neurodivergence using neuroscience

Supporting neurodivergence using neuroscience

Gemma Honour (Bryter Work Director of Coaching) and Myron Parks (Agile Coach and Enterprise Strategic Agilist) hosted a fantastic webinar with us, titled Playing with Neuroscience: Workshops for Everyone. In this webinar, they explored supporting neurodivergence by using neuroscience.

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, you can watch it on demand right here!

Firstly, if you’re not sure what neuroscience is, you might find this article helpful.

Secondly, The term neurodivergent describes “people whose brain differences affect how their brain works. That means they have different strengths and challenges from people whose brains don’t have those differences”. [Source: Cleveland Clinic]

Playing with Neuroscience: Workshops for Everyone
A Summary of what was covered in the webinar

  • Brief introductions from Gemma & Myron
  • How do you understand your neuro-type (represented by an object)
  • What is ‘normal’?
  • What is neurodivergence?
  • How can we best support each other?
  • What is play therapy?
  • How can play therapy be helpful for communication?
  • Neurochemical ‘cocktails’ for facilitators
  • Wrap up and ideas of what to explore next
  • And a special guest appearance from Kira the dog

Supporting neurodivergence – find out more about neurochemical cocktails

Finally, if you’re interested in discovering more about neurochemical cocktails and how you can mix your own for a potent workshop that is inclusive of all neuro-types, head over to our sister company, Bryter Work to read the summary and grab your free downloadable ‘cocktail’ recipe card!

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