December 2, 2016

Before the Backlog – The Vital Upfront Research

Before the Backlog – The Vital Upfront Research My learning journey As a Business Analyst, I believe my purpose is to ensure the right product is being produced. Having previously created a successful renewal of a product I’ve been on a mission to understand what I did right, how it could have been even better…

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September 2, 2015

Backlog Bad

I’m all in favour of a good headline. So I read the blog ‘Why Scrum Backlogs Lead to Bad Product Decisions’, which I translated in my head into ‘Backlogs are Bad’. A contact sent it to me because he knows I’m a big advocate of good backlogs filled with epics and stories and stuff. It…

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January 28, 2015

Stories at scale – part 1

Stories and their part in scaling agility Commonly known as Backlog Items, User Stories, Work Items and just Stories, are the building block for the development team to drive the work they do and align the Product Owner and the Team in building the right thing. The Story has been very well documented and anyone…

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