April 17, 2019

Certified Agile Leadership 1 – My Experience

by Valerie McLean Recently I gained my Certified Agile Leadership 1 from Scrum Alliance. I attended Michael Sahota’s course in London with around 20 other budding agile leaders, over 2 days. I’ve had some time to let the learning set in – to say it was an enlightening experience is putting it lightly! I’ll try my…

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May 21, 2018

Overcome Common Agile Challenges with Michael Sahota’s Certified Agile Leadership Experience

Most organisations are working with agile practices but many are failing due to a number of shared and common challenges. From the Version 1 Survey we know that the most common challenges are due to: company philosophy or culture is at odds with core agile values lack of agile experience lack of management support The…

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November 21, 2017

Consciously Approaching Agile for Lasting High Performance

Consciously Approaching Agile for Lasting High Performance In this post, I share how to Consciously Approach Agile so we build lasting high-performance in our organizations. It’s a proven framework for creating success with Agile. Why we need a new Approach It is well understood in our industry that Agile is failing due to lack of attention…

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August 17, 2017

Adventures with Agile & Agilitrix Aligned in Values via New Training Partnership

One of the founding pillars of Adventures with Agile is building relationships with incredible people around the world. When we were introduced to Michael Sahota through the amazing, kind nature of the worldwide agile community and power of social media, his positively captivating energy and enthusiasm immediately resonated with us.  Once connected, we realised we…

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April 4, 2017

I Have Compassion For Managers

I Have Compassion For Managers Certified Agile Leadership Training – 18th – 19th May 2017  Christine Neidhardt and I co-created a leadership training based on our leadership academy. It calls for compassionate leaders. If the story resonates with you, share it and join us. Secure your seat here.  People’s Scrum   Compassion For Managers When I…

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March 21, 2017

My Certified Agile Leadership Workshop in Orlando

My Certified Agile Leadership Workshop in Orlando This was an amazing two and a half-day working session, with participation of organizational leaders and enterprise coaches coming together from different parts of the world: Sweden, Costa Rica and USA. One of the co-creators of Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) course – Pete Behrens took the mixed group of managers and…

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March 7, 2017

Review of Certified Agile Leadership Course: An Insight to Yourself & Your Company’s Ability to Change & Grow

Review of Certified Agile Leadership Course: An Insight to Yourself & Your Company’s Ability to Change & Grow Introduction I’m going to start a review of this agile training course in an unusual place, by not initially talking about the course itself. I arrived at the building with a feeling of excitement about the topics,…

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October 26, 2016

Culture, Leadership & Org Growth – The missing link in Agile?

I have been getting unbelievably positive feedback around my edition of the Scrum Alliance’s new Certified Agile Leadership Training (CAL1). People tell me it’s like the missing link in Agile: How to grow people and organizations so that Agile may actually work. We know from Version One’s fantastic survey that the #1 challenge with Agile is Organizational Culture. This is what…

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