July 1, 2016

Non-functional requirements in an Agile world 

Non-Functional Requirements in an Agile World  As an Agile enthusiast I’ve always rejected ‘Requirements’ as being old-school and contrary to the Agile way. However I’ve just come across Roxanne Millar’s book ‘The Quest for Software requirements: Probing questions to bring Non-functional requirements [NFRs] into focus’. While I am still a firm believer in User Stories…

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February 3, 2015

Stories at scale – part 4

This series has a part one, part two and part three. Constraints (NFRs) Non functional requirements are constraints on the functionality that the story represents. They are another type of acceptance criteria. We typically separate out NFRs as constraints because they tend to be a cross cutting concern across many if not all stories, and don’t…

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