October 6, 2016

User Stories: How Can We Use Them Effectively?

User Stories: How Can We Use Them Effectively? Remember the Connextra Template (As a/I Want/So That)? It’s not supposed to be just a subdivision of a product feature spec. Really. I read an article called Common Misconceptions about User Stories by Antony Marcano, and this really rang true with me. User Stories are where the…

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August 24, 2015

Agile and the Art of Tango

You may not know so much about tango apart that it comes from Argentina and that it looks hard. When someone starts learning tango, we all pretty much have the same experience. We concentrate on learning lots of fancy moves and then we get to the dance floor and try them out. Then we wonder…

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January 28, 2015

Stories at scale – part 1

Stories and their part in scaling agility Commonly known as Backlog Items, User Stories, Work Items and just Stories, are the building block for the development team to drive the work they do and align the Product Owner and the Team in building the right thing. The Story has been very well documented and anyone…

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