My Top Takeaways from the Enterprise Agility Masterclass

Does this story sound familiar?

Enterprise A has a software development organisation and hires a bunch of people to help them adopt agile and make their teams more productive. The business case says agile will help them deliver better,  faster products, cheaper. They hire scrum masters, agile coaches, and some product people. At the beginning, things do get better. But then everything stalls. Quality falls, customers are unhappy, people are unhappy, stakeholders are furious. The coaches tell leadership they need to listen to them, but they don’t want to listen, and previous changes come unstuck. So what has gone wrong?

The above situation is prevalent in many of our organisations who are on the agile journey in some way shape or form. In fact, most agile transformations fail after 1 1/2 years, which is a big problem and something that needs to be addressed. Our course Enterprise Agility Masterclass addresses this head-on, and how big a problem it’s become. From startups to global mega-corps, everyone seems to agree on the goal, but no one can agree on how to get there.

I now know the questions to ask and the path(s) to take…

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass is the product of several common factors but the overarching one is to address why the problems in the story above (and variations of…) happen, and what we can do about it. I attended the Enterprise Agility Masterclass last week to find out more.

To say the course is thorough is perhaps an understatement. No stone is left unturned. It’s thoughtfully structured and deliberately jam-packed full of both theory and practical exercises that have been carefully designed to furnish participants with relevant insights and a set of tools and techniques to help “address enterprise level problems.”

“Enterprise Agility Masterclass is probably the best training course I’ve ever been on. My brain has been mulling over it ever since!”

Over the three days, we went on a journey of discovery together. We were taken way back to the birth the modern-day corporation to get a look at the bigger picture, which was personally one of my favourite workshops on the course – a real lightbulb moment.

So what’s covered?

This agile training course is part of the Enterprise Agile Coaching track with ICAgile and has been designed to meet the thorough learning objectives for the “Agility in the Enterprise” accreditation. Including topics like organisational design, leadership development, business processes and their impact, measurement, and governance.

My Top Takeaways:

  1. getting to grips with lean waste and value stream mapping
  2. learning the different team, culture and org models and how to use them
  3. understanding how to work with execs to establish what they want
  4. how to use different types of systems thinking and the contexts

and the best bit

  • putting what we had learned into practice and presenting our ideas back to the class. This was an excellent conclusion to the 3 days by bringing all the learning to life into one big picture assessment.

If you want to find out more about the course or would like to attend our next class – check out the course page here for more details.

“If you want to tackle agility at the enterprise level with no [nonsense] you got to be in this training” 

don’t just take our word for it!

check out what our students say about their experiences in the video below.

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