Agile Team Coach course in Thailand ICP-ACC Bangkok 2023 agile training in Thailand

ICAgile Certified Agile Team Coach Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Agile Team Coach course in Bangkok AWA agile training in Thailand

Unlock the agile mindset and your team’s potential in Thailand 2023!

We are delighted to announce that AWA Global and MAQE in Thailand are collaborating to offer ICAgile courses in Bangkok.

The Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp took place from 6th – 10th June 2023, and the Agile Team Coach course will be held from the 1st – 3rd of November. Book your place now to learn from the best and network with professionals worldwide.

Help your team succeed!

Course: Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC)
Dates: 1-3 November, 2023
Location: Central Bangkok
Special LAUNCH Price: ฿42,000.00

About the Agile Team Coaching Course

As an ICAgile Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC), you’ll gain the professional coaching skills needed to overcome obstacles and help your teams thrive. 

In our ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training course (ICP-ACC), you’ll be immersed in a dynamic and engaging learning experience. You’ll acquire the specific professional coaching skills necessary to support others on their agile journey.

Why attend?
  • Feel inspired and motivated in stunning surroundings
  • Expand your coaching toolkit and unlock new possibilities for impactful coaching experiences.
  • Create coaching contracts that set the foundation for meaningful and impactful coaching engagements.
  • Gain the skills to cultivate a safe, supportive and collaborative atmosphere where teams can thrive and contribute their best.
  • Discover the art of conducting impactful coaching conversations and explore strategies to help your teams to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Highlight your expertise and distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential and achieve their outcomes and guide them on the path to high-performance.
  • Enjoy a fully immersive experience with like-minded people and learn from them.
  • Dive into techniques for conflict resolution, helping team members navigate disagreements and find constructive solutions.
  • Gain the Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC) certification
  • All of this at a competitive price
Distinguish yourself from the competition.

The industry-recognised certification; Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) is highly sought after by international technology firms. This can serve as a testament to your expertise in agile coaching, as well as your dedication to continuous professional development.

Boasting incredible architecture, extraordinary historical landmarks, delicious food, and exceptional hospitality, Bangkok is the perfect place to connect with other coaches, build your network, and take your agile coaching expertise to the next level.

AWA Training in Thailand with Rafa Ribeiro

Your trainer
Rafael Ribeiro


Rafa Ribeiro realised, after working as a software engineer for almost a decade, that despite his mastery of machines and computers, he lacked the ability to inspire and help others. To address this obstacle, he embarked on a learning journey that took him through the fields of Psychology, Expressive Arts, and Professional Coaching.
Today, Rafa works as an Agile and Professional Coach, helping his clients discover and become aware of their goals, reflect on their behaviours, and support their growth.

Rafa is a design thinker, software architect, and Professional, Team, and Enterprise Certified Agile Coach (EneaCoaching, ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, ICE-AC), as well as an ICAgile Authorised Trainer for the AWA Agile Team Coach and Agile Team Facilitator training courses. He recently became a certified Surf Instructor, making use of the ocean as a medium to unlock the instinctive, emotional, and cognitive intelligence of his clients.

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