The Agile Leader Whitepaper – By The Agile Coaching Institute

The Agile Leader – By The Agile Coaching Institute

Organizations around the globe are struggling to adapt to an increasingly turbulent economic, technological and business environment.  Many companies are responding to the turbulence of today’s world by adopting agile development in their product and service delivery. And for good reason: Agile provides well tested practices and frameworks that improve a company’s speed, customer satisfaction, and quality of delivery.

However – Agile’s focus on team delivery is not enough. You need to upgrade our own internal operating systems as leaders.

Download this white paper today to visualize how to make this operating system upgrade for yourself, and how it will help guide your practice, as well as provide you the wherewithal to choose the next step in your development as an agile leader.

By reading this white paper you will learn:

  • the mindset of the Agile Leader
  • the integral systems model
  • new options for managing in the face of complexity
  • tools for managing and leading

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