The Aginext Conference is back in March 2019

In what will be its third year, Aginext dedicates two jam-packed days to the future of Agile, Lean, CICD and DevOps transformations. This London conference is built around Advanced Agile. There is therefore no Agile 101 or defining agile (although perhaps expect redefining it!). This makes it best suited for:

  • Agilists who want to support the agile community by exploring new ideas
    and approaches.
  • Agile-driven organisations, who want to be a part of the thought
    leadership driving its future.
  • Organisations looking to recruit people with experience in driving agile
    transformations – it’s a great place to network!
  • Those who want to support both software and business going agile.
  • Those who want to learn next-level agile thought leadership and engagement,
    including real-world hot topics and experiments like DevOps, automation,
    lean, and company culture.
  • Anyone who wants to be a part of informing the future of agile management
    and transformations.

If this sounds perfect for you or your org, you can go ahead and check-out the full 2019 conference schedule here.

Aginext have kindly given the AWA community a special deal to save 15% off your ticket. Just use code: AWA15 on the registration page to apply the discount. If you book this week you can also make the most of the Very Early Bird rate which saves you £210 off the standard rate! Follow this link to register and we hope to see you there on the 21st – 22nd March!

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