The Story of Richard Kasperowski and the Core Protocols

Richard Kasperowski is an author and coach who teaches the Core Protocols as the foundation for developing high-performing teams. To explain what the Core Protocols are, let’s first take a look at their origin.

The McCarthy Chapter

Our story begins in the 1990s – a decade also notable for the birth of your humble writer. Whilst working at the Microsoft and Bell Laboratories, Jim and Michele McCarthy began to notice significant differences in the productivity and performance of different teams within their organisations. Of particular interest, was the way in which groups containing people of similar technical abilities, could produce output so extraordinarily different from one another. In other words, they were interested in which specific behaviours and interactions were fundamental to better collaboration – and consequently, higher levels of performance.

Through observation and modelling what was effective, they took their team to unprecedented performance heights. Their work with this group led directly to the Microsoft Solutions Framework – often considered an ancestral precursor of Agile software development. Pursuing a desire to pin down the protocols that led to genuine greatness, the McCarthys later left Microsoft Laboratories to form McCarthy Technologies. Here they set up naturalistic experiments; forming teams and observing how they solved different assignments. From this, the McCarthys were able to identify the behavioural correlates of high performance. These were then codified into specific actions called ‘The Core Protocols’.

So, what actually are the Core Protocols?

The Core Protocols provide a list of 11 repeatable practical commitments which define what motivates individuals. This means stripping away the shallow and purposeless communications which are endemic to so many poorly-functioning teams. However, the Protocols have use far beyond the workplace – never mind their broad application in the software industry. Here at AWA, we use the Core Protocols in our team and classes as we truly believe in their positive impact on performance and emotional intelligence, and that this positivity will trickle out to benefit people’s personal lives.

Richard’s Work

Richard comes into this story from his own work with teams. This draws directly on the application of the Core Protocols in facilitating optimal performance, through the creation of psychological safety within the group and developing practices related to increasing emotional intelligence.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Core Protocols, creating psychological safety and increasing emotional intelligence, join us for a free meetup with Richard on October 30th in NYC. The session is taken from our 1-day course with him, so it will be a nice taster and give you the opportunity to connect with Richard and other likeminded individuals. Tickets are limited, so book now to secure your place!

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