The very first step towards agility

Alignment around outcomes

Alignment on what the overall business objectives or outcomes are, is essential in achieving any kind of business success. Without alignment, we cannot leverage the power of collaboration and there will be no agreement on how much change or agility is required to achieve success.

The most overlooked, the most powerful, and the least leveraged of all the skills and tools we have available to create success is the power of people.

Developing ourselves and each other is the hardest part of change because we do not have a common or accepted vocabulary or behavioural habits embedded into most organisations culture to allow us to grow.

Outcomes over output

Unfortunately many organisations get stuck thinking they need to work harder and create more output instead of aligning around the business outcomes and minimising the work done to achieve them.

Many people get stuck being experts in their field rather than leaders that can grow others and create a culture of learning, growing, and succeeding.

Clear business outcomes

We cannot create a culture of professional and personal development or have difficult conversations around behaviour change if we do not know how much we need to grow to achieve success. We cant know what success is unless we have clear business outcomes.


There are many prerequisites for success. Download a full list of prerequisites for agility from the resources page on our website.

We offer coaching and facilitation help for leaders to align on organisation outcomes.

You can learn how to create an outcome based approach to change by attending the ICAgile certified Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program (ICE-EC).

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