Thinking in circles: Systems coaching

Agile Summit 2022 is Global Online Thought Leadership Event running on 13 – 14 May 2022. Their mission is to address the challenges created by VUCA, and guide the industry to overcome uncertainty with innovation by bringing best knowledge and information from the pioneers of our world

This year’s speakers include Joshua Kerievsky, Daniel Mezick, Amy Jo Kim, Aino Vonge Corry and our very own Simon Powers.

Simon’s talk “Thinking in Circles: Systems Coaching” will uncover the basics of Systems, Systems Thinking and Coaching, so that you can grow your capabilities as a successful leader and coach. His talk is on the 13 May at 14:45 – 15:45 BST

If you would like to take part please use TAS_Speaker10% to get a discount off your ticket.

For more details and to get your ticket please visit the website here.

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