Thud: Why It’s Not Failure You Should Be Afraid Of – Jeff Patton

We are excited and proud to welcome Jeff Patton to speak at Adventures with Agile at Pivotal. Jeff Patton is well-known for his work in the product space and we’re honoured that he is able to join us while he is in London on the 13th November. 

About this talk:

“Thud” is the sound a bowling ball makes when dropped onto damp earth. But it’s also the sound that most of our software makes when it hits the market. We’re great at celebrating our wild successes, and finding people to blame for catastrophic failures.

This talk is about how we spend most of our work trying to figure out which we have on our hands: a success or a failure. Jeff will share stories of how we use discovery work to identify when we’ve got a “thud” on our hands. And, how the hardest thing to do is recognize and let go of our thuds.

Evening Agenda

18:00 – Arrivals
18:30 – Welcome
18:45 – Jeff’s Talk
20:00 – Pizza
20:45 – Departure

we hope you can join us – to register your spot go to our meetup page here

About Jeff Patton:

Jeff makes use of over 20 years of product design and development experience to help companies create great products.

Jeff started in software development in the early 90s as a project leader and senior developer for a small software product company. There he learned that well written code, and fast delivery isn’t the secret to success, it’s just table stakes. It’s actually deep understanding of your customers and users coupled with a desire to create a product that’s really valuable to them that makes the biggest difference.

In 2000 Jeff worked as a product manager at one of the first companies adopting Extreme Programming. It was there he built a strong appreciation for the discipline that Agile thinking brings to software development and a deep concern for what seemed to be left out, specifically good product thinking. Since then Jeff has been an evangelist championing the inclusion of strong product design and user experience practice in Agile development. Today Jeff teaches and coaches a contemporary blend of practice that incorporates Lean and Lean Startup and Design Thinking all directed at helping organizations build products their customers love.

Jeff’s a Certified Scrum Trainer, and winner of the Agile Alliance’s 2007 Gordon Pask Award for contributions to Agile Development.  Jeff is author of the bestselling O’Reilly book User Story Mapping which describes a simple holistic approach to using stories in Agile development without losing sight of the big picture. You can learn more about Jeff, and find essays and past writing from his columns with, Better Software Magazine, and IEEE Software on his website:

User Story Mapping – Book Giveaway

We’ll be giving away a copy of Jeff’s excellent “User Story Mapping” book to a lucky person picked at random on the night at the meetup.

Thank you to Pivotal for supporting us by providing the space for this evening’s meetup. 

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