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Learning and development ways of working solutions

Ways of working solutions

Do you find that your teams experience a lack of alignment and confidence in new ways of working? Without a strategy to support the transfer of skills, traditional learning retention can be as low as 10%.


Learning with AWA is different


We help you optimise the transfer of learning into your workplace AND improve your ways of working capabilities in the process.

Our ways of working solutions enable deep learning and mastery by accelerating competency, confidence, and expertise, while building the internal capabilities your organisation needs to achieve in 2023.

How we help

As the world’s leading experts in business agility and coaching, we have experienced first-hand how internal capabilities are key to helping teams and organisations rapidly respond to market demands and be more successful. We will work hand-in-hand with you, using our proven and trusted approach which builds confidence, capability and expertise in new ways of working.

Ways of working solutions

Coaching Capability: Build a thriving Coaching Culture so that your organisation can rapidly respond and adapt to change
Team Agility: Upskill your teams in the essential techniques and practices needed to deliver better outcomes
Product Leadership: Build entrepreneurial product owners and managers who can plan, lead and collaborate effectively
Leadership Agility: Develop transformational leaders who can effect the right change and create outcome-based strategies

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Why our approach works

✔ Tailored and off-the-shelf programs available online or in-person
✔ On-the-job learning builds competence, capability and confidence
✔ Enhanced transfer of learning into real-world use and application
✔ Ensures investment in training results in real change
✔ Increased agility and capacity to respond to changing market demands
✔ Improved cultures where teams innovate, deliver, and thrive
✔ Reduced costs and reliance on third party support
✔ More joyful staff, happier stakeholders, and delighted customers

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