Disciplined Agile: What it is & Why you Should Know About it

Yesterday I ran my first Disciplined Agile (DA) training course. It’s a highly interactive workshop using techniques from the Training from the BACK of the Room. Participants learn as much from each other and from the materials as they can.

Disciplined Agile isn’t a Scaling Framework or another Agile methodology. It isn’t trying to be. DA is much more than that. It’s a comprehensive guide of all the things you need to do for an Agile transformation.

DA utilises all the learning from the Agile Frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start Up, and many more. Combining this with transformation knowledge and organisation wide changes such as HR and Finance, and tackles topics like Governance, DevOps, Portfolio Management and Culture.

It’s a one stop shop, organised around specific goals that allows you to consider your options and learn about your choices. It’s a way of making sure you don’t miss anything.

What’s even more interesting is that it’s based upon real data. What’s actually going on in other organisations. It’s not theory. It promotes enterprise awareness that’s based on industry successes, what works and doesn’t work elsewhere.

It covers the whole delivery lifecycle and beyond, incorporates learning, and is very much focused around people.

You start where you are now, building incrementally, learning as you go, moving towards an agile / lean learning organisation.

I am a certified DA Coach and Trainer. Adventures with Agile is a DA Bronze partner and I sit on the Disciplined Agile Advisory Board.

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