what is a scrum master and what do they do

What is a Scrum Master and What Do They Do?

As companies strive to become more agile in their development processes, the role of the Scrum Master has become increasingly important.

A Scrum Master is a key member of the Scrum team, responsible for helping the team to achieve its goals. In this blog post, we will explore the role of the Scrum Master in more detail. We will also discuss the key responsibilities of this important role.

The Scrum Master is a:

  • facilitator
  • coach
  • mentor

They act as a servant-leader to the Scrum team and are responsible for removing any impediments that are hindering the team’s progress. Their primary focus is on fostering the principles of Scrum and holding sufficient space for the team to do their best work.

They Facilitate Scrum Ceremonies

One of the key responsibilities of the Scrum Master is to facilitate the Scrum ceremonies. The ceremonies are a set of meetings that take place during each sprint. A sprint is typically a two to four week period in which the team works to deliver a set of features or functionality. The ceremonies include:

  • the Sprint Planning meeting
  • the Daily Scrum
  • the Sprint Review
  • the Sprint Retrospective

They facilitates these meetings to foster collaboration and follow the principles of Scrum.

Coach and mentor the team

Another important responsibility of the Scrum Master is to coach and mentor the team. They help the team to understand and apply the principles of Scrum and ensure that they are working effectively as a team. They help the team to continuously improve by identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes to the team’s processes. In addition to this, they improve the work of their teams by facilitating creativity and empowerment. And they help foster collaborative relationships between team members, Product Owners, and customers

Ensure the team has what they need for success

They are also responsible for ensuring that the team has the resources and support they need to be successful. This includes ensuring that the team has the necessary tools and equipment, as well as providing support to team members when needed. A key part of this is being able to recognise organisational impediments that break the creative flow of a development team. A Scrum Master will work with managers, directors and executives to help them understand how to support the Scrum initiative.

“Scrum is not a formula to be memorised, but rather a journey to undertake.”

Tobias Mayer

In summary, the Scrum Master is a key member of a Scrum team and is responsible for fostering collaboration, along with the principles of Scrum and that they have every opportunity to succeed. They facilitate Scrum ceremonies, coaches and mentors the team, and ensures that the team has the resources and support they need to be successful. If you are looking to use Scrum in your organisation, it is important to understand the role and the value that they bring to the team.

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