What is Enterprise Agile Coaching?


With increasing interest in Enterprise Agility and therefore demand for such expertise, comes many questions and challenges. What is Enterprise Agility? What is Business Agility? How and why are they different? How will my organisation do more agile? Do I need to make everyone go agile?


Enterprise Agility and Business Agility

Enterprise Agility is the result of taking a holistic ‘whole organisation’ approach to change to get better business results in a complex and rapidly changing market. As with Business Agility, it is necessary to focus primarily on people and their relationships to each other and their work, and then facilitating better processes of how things get done. It is a structural and cultural change and not just a framework or process change. Enterprise Agility differs from Business Agility as it extends this structural and culture change to include all departments such as HR, Finance, Legal, Compliance, etc. and the Exec teams, to create a culture of success, innovation, and ability to adapt to changing demands, across the whole organisation and not just product and business teams. At AWA, we use advanced methods of systemic coaching, training, and facilitating to bring the benefits of agility to the whole enterprise. During our 5 day double ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp, we cover these advanced methods through a series of practical and in-depth workshops.

Often one of the things people first learn when they attend our Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp is that no one person can do all of the things identified above. That Enterprise Agile Coaching (EAC) isn’t a set role but an advanced toolkit of broad skills and competencies across several domains thus enabling EACs to act as “catalysts in guiding change”.That said, there are several light bulb moments that go off throughout this 5 day training. Resulting in a group of coaches and managers who leave with an improved toolkit and vocabulary to enable them to help their organisations be successful in the modern world.

Since last Summer we have run our five day bootcamp in three different cities globally. This spring / summer the 5 day double Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp will return to both London and Chicago as well as Berlin and Dallas.



Our vision for this Bootcamp has its roots in why we founded AWA back in 2014. And that was to provide a forum where people who were working in the wider organisation could seek to address problems they were experiencing when transitioning to agile ways of working on a large scale. These classes are the first step to unlocking the potential that having an understanding in systemic coaching, organisational development, human change process and large group facilitation offer managers, leadership and coaches working across enterprises, departments and organisations.



Some of the key realisations that people walk away with include things like:

  • evidence based techniques,
  • an improved vocabulary for working with executives,
  • better conversations with senior stakeholders resulting better value,
  • a shifted mindset from agile to organisational goals,
  • and real coaching and facilitation skills that result in lasting change.



designed for coaches, execs, consultants & change agents

There’s no denying that this is a challenging 5 days. Some have said it has opened their eyes to a new way of being and doing; to a side of themselves they have rarely or never before seen. Others have overcome huge challenges that were preventing them from helping their organisations become successful. Meanwhile others have realised exactly where they were going wrong, what they could do to fix things, and start getting real results.

If this sounds like the kind of training that you need, whether you are a coach, manager or executive involved in moving towards Enterprise Agility, then sign up for one of our Enterprise bootcamps today.





Join an exclusive group of your peers on this advanced training

This is an advanced level agile training course. If you do not already have significant professional coaching and enterprise experience you will find this more challenging than the rest of the group. See what other colleagues have said about their time on this bootcamp.

“This training was great and full of information and tools that are very helpful for those that involved in the Agile transformations at companies.”– Angel Pacheco – LDI Manager

“I can’t think of another course that has had such an immediate impact on my skills as an enterprise coach and my ability to apply them in my work.” – Ed Marshall – Agile Coach

“Shifted my way of thinking from agile value delivery to solving complex business problems with a systemic coaching approach.”– Glenn Bolan – Head of IT Portfolio & Agile

“The trainer does an incredible job presenting and teaching this class. His knowledge and experience is very evident. There are few classes taught that really stand out as career-influencing, and this is one of them.”– Frank Rios – Senior Agile Coach



To join our next bootcamp in Berlin or Dallas, or to attend the individual enterprise courses in London, please visit the registration page. Hurry as there are limited seats available and early bird seats are selling fast! So please book now to avoid disappointment.

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