Enterprise Agility is the result of taking a holistic ‘whole organisation’ approach to change to get better business results in a complex and rapidly changing market. As with Business Agility, it is necessary to focus primarily on people and their relationships to each other and their work, and then facilitating better processes of how things get done. It is a structural and cultural change and not just a framework or process change.

Enterprise Agility differs from Business Agility as it extends this structural and culture change to include all departments such as HR, Finance, Legal, Compliance, etc. and the Exec teams, to create a culture of success, innovation, and ability to adapt to changing demands, across the whole organisation and not just product and business teams.

At AWA, we use our people-first approach to unlock the behavioural shift required for enterprise agility. We help people change their workplace behaviours so they can make the most of their valuable skills and reach their fullest potential.  For more details about our coaching services please contact the AWA team  by emailing coaching@adventureswithagile.com or call 0203 369 1125

Learn about the AWA Playbook for Organisational Agility on a forthcoming class:

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