What is systemic coaching?

Simon Powers has recently published a new post about Systems Coaching which expands on the AWA definition as well as exploring the problems these powerful techniques solve, and why it’s an essential toolkit for coaches, change agents and leaders who are leading change. Read this new updated article here

This is my definition as a work in progress of systemic coaching. 


Systemic Coaching is the practice of coaching a person, team, or system, in an interdependent relationship that includes the coach to co-create the insights needed for a positive benefit to the coachee and the inter-related systems they are a part of.

Systemic coaching focuses on the parts, and the connections between the parts, as an organic systemic whole that may include the whole organisation, it’s stakeholders and customers, as well as the wider industrial and ecological context that the organisation interacts with.

The systemic coach recognises that the person or people in front of them are a voice of which the interdependent system is speaking through, and that the coach is hearing this voice with their own background, filters, and biases. The coach always asks, ‘of whom am I in service of?’ and makes sure that the value they are adding is in service to the wider system as well as the person or people being coached.

At AWA, we use advanced methods of systemic coaching, training, and facilitation to bring the benefits of agility to the whole enterprise. Our Enterprise Agile Coaching services are available globally. If you’re considering using Agile Coaching services provided by Adventures with Agile please see here for more details.

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