What is The Enterprise Change Pattern?

What is The Enterprise Change Pattern?

The Enterprise Change Pattern is our proven strategy for successful organisational change, evolved from the AWA Playbook and developed by AWA Global. It’s a tried and tested approach for self-sustaining people first cultures, where leaders cultivate the conditions for teams to co-create innovative solutions, experiments and successful products. Here are 7 ways to use the Enterprise Change Pattern in your organisation.

We have used the Enterprise Change Pattern to successfully transform organisations for many years and this method informs and supports both our training and coaching approach.

Enterprise Change Methodology

In this video, our CEO and Founder, Simon Powers, talks us through his strategy, explaining how the Enterprise Change Pattern can help a whole organisation solve its problems. The strategy is different from a framework because it is completely flexible and can fit with any context and organisation.

Why use The Enterprise Change Approach?

Benefits of using the Enterprise Change Method

The Enterprise Change pattern is a cutting-edge strategy, used by thousands of people in successful organisations in the public sector, finance, charity, retail, electronics, medical and pharma.

It is quickly replacing more prescriptive frameworks as the most effective way to make a difference in our organisations.

  • organisational change without resistance
  • increased ownership and engagement
  • culture of learning and experimentation
  • culture of psychological safety
  • Improved Innovation
  • leaders that model the change they want to see
  • less risk and faster delivery of value
  • better results and outcomes
  • happier customers and stakeholders
  • self-sustained internal capability to adapt to change

Need training on the Enterprise Change Pattern?

Book our Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp to find out how to use the AWA Enterprise Change Pattern to rapidly transform an organisation to achieve its goals.

Need help implementing the Enterprise Change Pattern?

Visit our sister company, Bryter Work for expert help implementing the Enterprise Change Pattern in your organisation.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients and customers have to say about the Enterprise Change Pattern.

Get the insider scoop on the Enterprise Change Pattern. Buy the book

“I really enjoyed the book, it was incredibly relevant to me. It reinforced my belief in what management should be. Change is difficult, especially when it is ourselves that need to change. Simon captures the challenges of the agile transformation journey and provides a framework that every executive should understand – from the “agile onion” to the future of “fractal patterns”.  He makes the case that real change can only emerge from empowered workers and changing beliefs.”

– Riaan Dreyer – Chief Information Officer, Íslandsbanki

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“This bootcamp should be on all senior leaders L&D list. It’s so much more than technology. It’s about preparing for the future.”

Kate Rand
Chief People Officer