Change your approach to change

The Enterprise Change Pattern

Pioneering people-first, experiment–based organisational change

Change your approach to change

Firstly, what is the Enterprise Change Pattern (ECP)? It’s our proven collaborative strategy to achieve lasting organisational change. Underpinned by a people first, experiments-based approach, the ECP future-proofs an organisation’s ability to rapidly respond to change, innovate, and thrive. Here are 7 ways to use the ECP in your organisation and the ECP in action.
We have used the ECP to successfully transform organisations for many years and this method informs and supports both our training and coaching approach.

In this video, our CEO and Founder, Simon Powers, talks us through his strategy, explaining how the ECP can help a whole organisation solve its problems. 

The strategy is different from a framework because it is completely flexible and can therefore fit with any context and organisation.

People over process

Why use a change approach?

Using a people first experiments based approach like the ECP can help you achieve:

– organisational change without resistance
– culture of learning and experimentation
– culture of psychological safety
– improved Innovation
– less risk and faster delivery of value
– better results and outcomes
– happier customers and stakeholders
– self-sustained internal capability to adapt to change

learn by doing

Learn how to use the Enterprise Change Pattern

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