What is Visual Thinking?

What is Visual Thinking and how can you use it as an Agile Coach?

Gemma Honour, Agile Coach, Visual Thinker and co-founder of Bryter Work, hosted a fantastic, interactive webinar for us, introducing Visual Thinking and exploring how it can be used in terms of Agile.

Don’t worry if you missed Gemma’s session. You can watch the recording here (below).

So what exactly is Visual Thinking?

Visual Thinking comprises 3 different elements:

  1. Sketchnoting
  2. Graphic recording
  3. Visual facilitation

Let’s explore these one by one…

What is Sketchnoting?

Sketchnoting is a visual form of notetaking, using both words and sketches.

One of the great things about sketchnoting is that you can do it even if you have absolutely no artistic experience or ability!

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the practice of listening, collating, and interpreting spoken words (for example from a talk, discussion, workshop, or coaching session) into a visual or doodle, created in real-time. These visuals may be drawn on a large sheet of paper or created digitally, using a tablet and graphic software.

This way of recording is more engaging and accessible to all (especially those who are neurodiverse).

Graphic recording is an incredibly useful skill for coaches to have in their toolkit and one you can gain with AWA.

What is Visual Facilitation?

Visual Facilitation is a way of transforming complex ideas into an engaging combination of images and text.

Visual Facilitation enables complex ideas to be recorded and played back to the room and can create an “ah-ha!” moment of clarity for those in the room.

Using a combination of visuals and words has been shown to increase recall from as low as 10% to up to 95%. It’s a powerful skill!

What has Visual Facilitation got to do with Agile Coaching?

Coaches who use Visual Thinking tools can help people:

  • solve problems
  • understand systems
  • carry out creative goal setting
  • make decisions in ways that would not be possible using only the language-processing parts of your brain

Interested to learn more? Keen to use Visual Thinking to take your coaching to the next level? Choose from either our 2-day in-person (analogue) course or our 5-week online (digital) course…

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Discover Visual Thinking with AWA

Join Gemma Honour, Agile Coach and Doodle Witch to discover how Visual Thinking can enrich your one-to-one and team coaching sessions.

What is Visual Thinking?

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