Why Agile HR?

By now, as an industry we know that scaling agile is way beyond single development software teams. According to the Version One survey on Agile adoption, the leading causes of failed agile projects and adoption is:

  • Lack of the right experience and skills
  • Company philosophy and culture at odds with core Agile values
  • Lack of management support
  • Lack of support for cultural transition

It is clear that to address these issues HR has a vital role to play. HR must not only be involved but plays a leading part in the transformation.

HR is the secret weapon in achieving a true lean agile organisational culture.

Some of the things that are said about HR specialists who haven’t taken Fabiola’s course:

  • HR does not get Agile
  • HR cannot be trusted or act in our interests
  • HR is static and doesn’t focus on innovation and growth
  • HR focuses more on retention than engagement
  • HR is focused more on politics and regulations than on helping people unleash their power
  • Traditional recruitment process don’t identify those people who have an agile mind-set and who can thrive in an agile setting
  • Training and talent programs are not in line with Agile programs
  • Formal employee appraisals are too ritualistic and too infrequent
  • Bonus programs do not foster agile values
  • Performance management kills team dynamics

To address these unjust views and to educate HR personnel in core HR agility (not just organisational agility, but core HR policies, tools and practices), Fabiola has created a two day course.

Attend this course to:

    • Learn how to apply Agile techniques to HR
    • Learn the skills that truly unlock employees’ potential
    • Create an innovative, dynamic and proactive Agile HR system
    • Develop Agile focused training and talent programmes
    • Learn how to reward and incentivise beyond standard bonus schemes
    • Move beyond retention to motivation and engagement

Fabiola is a senior level executive with an outstanding career in management consulting, profound expertise in Human Resources, Enterprise Agility, Compensation & Performance Management, Operations & Processes, and Strategy.

She is CEO of Just Leading Solutions (JLS) – a global management consulting firm, head-quartered in New York City, that advises enterprises on how to build stronger, more responsive and innovative businesses through an organization-wide integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

If you would like to learn how apply Agile to HR then book this course today. Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

For a taster on what to expect, watch Fabiola’s talk on Agile HR from earlier on this year at AWA.

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