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Why Agility is the Shift in the Way People Behave to Achieve Better Results

In our companies, the way we behave is somehow expected to just work. We are all expected to get on and create the relationships we need to succeed. And we expect others to behave in a way that is predictable and consistent with our own values.

The challenges we face today are fundamentally different than problems we have faced before. These new types of challenges require a behaviour shift in large groups of people in order to have any impact. No one person can make a difference but if enough people change, then we start to see progress.

The problem is that those who change first don’t see any results. This doesn’t create the feedback that we need to keep the change going. We will not see meaningful change or success unless we reach a tipping point.

Unfortunately, the importance of behavioural change during the enterprise transformation change process is often undervalued. However, agility is fundamentally a shift in the way that people relate and behave to achieve better results by unlocking innovation, adaptability, and happier customers.

It’s only when everyone involved in the change has learned how to shift behaviour that the tipping point is reached. This means that the organisation is then better placed to leverage the processes of agile and continue to meet today’s challenges – and prepare for tomorrow’s.

This is why agility is the shift in the way people behave to achieve better results.

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