Shane Hastie & Simon Powers discuss why people matter most in organisational change

It’s no secret that organisational change is hard. But why?

That’s the question Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, sought to answer in his recent InfoQ Culture Podcast where he interviewed our CEO and Founder, Simon Powers. In this podcast, Simon speaks about his new book Change: A Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Agile Coaching.

In this insightful discussion, Simon explains how organisations are complex places and need to be able to adapt quickly in order for them to stay competitive and successful. He also stresses the importance of putting people first when it comes to making changes within an organisation. After all, they are both the agents of change and recipients of those changes.

Why people Matter Most in Organisational Change

Simon further discusses leadership challenges, which he believes are similar across all industries, regardless of context or environment. He also highlights the importance of organisational design as something which has a direct impact on product quality – so getting this right is essential. Finally, he places an emphasis on adaptive emergent approaches rather than relying solely on recipes when making organisational changes – what works well in one part may not necessarily work elsewhere!

Overall, this podcast provides valuable insight into how we can successfully manage organisational change by focusing our efforts around people-first strategies that allow us room for adaptation based upon ever-changing contexts.

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