Choose How You Live and How You Lead

What if I told you that you have choice about how you feel and what you think? That you have the choice of either feeling stressed and anxious or feeling content and at peace? Would you believe me?

According to the teachings of Krishnaji – the founder of the schools of consciouness transformation, there are only two states of being: a Stressed State or a Beautiful State. You can choose to live in either of these states i.e you can change your state of being. Tony Robbins, one of the greatest self help coaches of our times, and student of Krishnaji, is a big advocate of state change.

All humanity lives only in 2 states of Being. Suffering state or a beautiful state. There is no 3rd state. And the greatest choice that lies in every moment of our lives is from which state do we want to live our life – Krishnanji

You have a choice about your life. When you are in the Beautiful state you can create the life you desire and perform better at work.The state you choose to live from determines the output and outcomes.

Which “State” are you in? Why does this matter to the world of work?

Depression is an epidemic. According The World Health Organization more than 300 million people are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015. With things like depression, anxiety and stress increasing at an alarming rate. When we are stressed we are not working at our best resulting in poor decision making, loss of concentration, difficulty with thought processes or even anger. Resulting in negative impact on our work, our relationships and our societies.

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your mind and body is in.” —Tony Robbins 

How can I change my state?

Do you ever find yourself in a bad mood, feeling negative, irritated, insecure, stressed or anxious? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these, you are not operating at your full potential. You have the ability to change what state you’re in. When you know how to shift your inner state you become more effective. Tony Robbins teaches that you can change your state simply by standing up and doing a weird body movement and some vocal noises.

Observe your posture when you are happy, as opposed to when you are sad — or what you look like when you are angry, versus when you are elated.

The impact doesn’t only affect your physical appearance but your brain too.

If you have a poor posture, it only lends itself to poor emotions, or a negative state. Good posture and alertness produces a more positive state. 

Going Deeper

There is more to state change than doing a weird body movement. International leadership coaches and trainers, Michael and Audree Sahota have been researching and studying state change at the schools of consciousness transformation in India with KrishnaJi. This Summer they will be sharing the teachings of state change by going deeper into the mechanics of state change on their forthcoming course – The Beautiful State: High Performance in Actionwhich has been designed specifically for leaders working in high-pressured complex organizations. Participants of this training will go through a process to begin shifting the brain’s bio-mechanics to create a permeant change of state.

The Beautiful State & Leadership

The course is about the two states that we live from:

the stressful state:

  • what it is
  • when we began to develop its patterns of the stressful state
  • what is does to our bodies and our lives

the Beautiful State

  • what it is
  • how it is the only way to create the life you desire and perform better at work
  • that you have a choice about your life
  • how the state you live from determines the output and outcomes

How is this different to Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1)?

The Sahota CAL1 experience gives participants the practical tools for successful Agile Transformations by creating the required shift in Mindset and Culture. It overcomes 90% of challenges with Agile – for both Mangers and Coaches – and works regardless of authority, budget or permission. CAL1 teaches that we have a choice about how show up, that you need to be “Clear” by letting go of existing behaviours that block your ability to be an effective leader, as well as exploring models of culture and  a playbook to guide the next steps on your journey of creating high performance organizations.

The Beautiful State course looks deeper into the process of how to be Clear, the deeper meaning of how to be clear, what happens when you are not “Clear”. The course goes deeper into the science and philosophy of behind these ideas and why it’s a must have for leaders and anyone who wants to achieve an amazing life.

Taking the next step

If you are ready to embrace a wider worldview than “business as usual, have a strong desire for results and willing to go “outside the box” for answers then you need to attend this course. Our next class is on the 10th – 11th July in London. Seating is strictly limited and there are only a few places left. Enrol today to secure your seat.

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