Your bank balance is a state of mind

Anyone who has read books like ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napolean Hill, or ‘The richest man in Babylon’ by George S Clayton, have surely heard of the adage that you are as rich as your state of mind.

Likewise, those who practise mediation, yoga or other forms of self-reflection are likely to have heard that by decreasing your earthly attachments to what you need and not what you want will also achieve a richness of life unparalleled by riches of materialism.

Those who have read ‘Creative Visualisation’ by Shakti Gawain know that you can directly manifest your reality and that includes wealth.

For many of today’s managers and aspiring business people, these ideas seem arcane, wishful thinking or even fantasy.

Each person sees the world from their unique perspective and each of us have a limit to what mental tools we have available at any time, so how can a state of mind not only make us feel rich, but actually change the number in our bank to a higher one?

If we operate from ego, from a sense of being more powerful than we really are, putting on a ‘professional’ mask at work to socially fit in, then we attract meaningless relationships and lose opportunities that would come from better ones.

Being more humble, attracts those to us who are also more humble. By being more trusting, people who are also trusting are attracted to us. By listening to others, not just to reply, but to listen because you care what they are saying, attracts those who are open and ready to share insights, innovation and new ideas and builds friendships.

By taking in new ideas, having trusting meaningful relationships and attracting the people who are most like you into your life, you stand a far higher chance of success in bringing more financial reward and a higher bank balance, not as a primary goal but as a result of being more true to your self.

Don’t’ wear the mask. Don’t follow the old marketing adage says ‘Find the pain in the market place and exploit it’. This is from ego.

Instead, find what you are most passionate about, make that part of your life, follow it with an open heart, honesty and truthfulness. Nothing is more powerful and more likely to bring success. Don’t follow the money, follow your heart and money will come.

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